EV charging stations have integrated smart technologies that allows to reduce fuel costs.


Charging stations one of many ways to contribute reducing environmental pollution by using renewable sources for your needs.

Plug&Play installation

Charging stations could be installed fast and in short time.

K10 and IP54/65 body

That have integrated climate control system which ensures efficient charging station work even in extreme weather conditions.

Easy to manage

Manage IGLU® Charge EV charging station from any place in the world by using IGLU® Home app.

Modern and minimalistic design IGLU® Charge EV charging stations weights only 3,7 kg. IP54-65 and IK10 body is resistant for various weather conditions, also integrated additional protectors such as: protection against current and voltage fluctuations, integrated leakage current sensor, active control of the enclosure microclimate, autonomous dynamic power management that assesses the energy priority of other electrical equipment. Possible to choose from single phase and three-phase electric charging stations that have Mode 3 and Type 2 outlets ensure up to 22 kW charging power.

In case of an electric power failure and restoration the charging session could be resumed automatically.

The charging cord can be locked so no need to carry around additional cords

Dynamic power control can be performed in the system or by activating autonomous control using coordinators, the number of stops is not limited.

The product supports simultaneous integration with OCPP 1.6J, building energy management and access control systems.

Technical characteristics

¹ Single phase configuration. ² Three-phase configuration. ³ The Lite supports all the functions of the Pro device when multiple Lite devices are connected to one coordinating Pro device

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